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Hey Dave-

I was in the market but opted for a E420. Picking it up today.

Anyway, several people said not to buy the green one. Not sure why.

I was looking at a car in North Carolina at the MB dealership in Charlotte. White/Black, Starmarked. Dwight looked at it for me and said it was nice.

Do a search on and see if it's still available.

PPI=Pre-Purchase inspection.

What I've found out with MB of this age is that the price varies a lot. Cars with all records get a higher price. Mileage does play a part, but Mercedes Benze engines are built so well that it's a small part. Look for overall condition and check the records for proper maintainance.

You get what you pay for.

1994 E420, Pearl Black/Black. 2.82 rear diff., AMG front spoiler, painted lower half. SOLD

1972 & 1974 BMW 2002tii's.
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