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Take a look at the year 2000 or later ML series, or even a new one. They are actually less expensive to operate than a typically malfunctioning 4-matic.

BTW, if you intend to use your older 4-matic in town, thatís where you are begging problems. The older 4-matic system experiences extreme wear in stop and go traffic.

Also MB reintroduced the 4-matic line in MY 98, but with a completely different awd system. You can find MB sedans and wagons with awd starting from this model year. In non-MB vehicles, Iíd make a bee line to the Volvo XC series. Itís well built and performs great. Newer Audis are also a good choice, and on a similar line, VW has a new line of awd vehicles that Iíve heard good things about. Subaru is also not bad. It is probably far wiser to get a new Subaru than an older MB 4-matic. BTW, where are you moving to???

And if you want something old but very reliable, the pre-Chrysler Jeep line was pretty good! Especially the V8 powered Wagoner. I still see as many of these in snow country as about anything else!


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