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Off Topic Tech Question

If anyone on this list has any experience with Toyotas, I'm going nuts trying to diagnose a problem with a 1988 Camry (4 valve 4 banger). Story goes like this... typically on damp days, the car stumbles horribly and doesn't want to run when first started. Feels like its starved for fuel or getting no spark, can't decide. Once it's warmed up and turned off, it will start back up and run like a swiss watch, no stumble at all.

Car was as gift from in-laws for daughter when she gets license. 85 k miles (actual miles, they bought car new and I did most of the maintenance), in last two months I've replaced:
plugs, plug wires/dist cap, rotor, engine oil and filter, tranny oil and filter, air filter, fuel filter, and differential fluid. I'm thinking it might be the igniter, but I'm not sure how this works and I've only got a Haynes manual to go from.

Weak MB content: my wfie comes into the garage, where I'm putting the 1980 300D back together from a dashboard out climate control party to tell me she almost got killed when the car died in an intersection.

Help me if you can!!!

Thanks a bunch,

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