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I have had a C240 for a day and a half now and nothing has failed yet. But it was a factory exec car with 9k miles, so maybe the problems were worked out beforehand.

I put 100 miles on it so far. No squeaks or rattles.

OTOH I am a longtime Saab owner, still have a very good 9000 as a second car. I also owned a 89 Peugeot 405 Mi16 for a while.
A blast to drive. Unfortunately when you took it to a car wash the computer shorted out making the car unusable until the computer dried out or was replaced (this was after Peugeot left the US).

The C240 is a dream to drive (I have the 6 speed). I love the feeling of solidity and the quiet yet sporty ride. There is design and there is execution, they are two different things, unfortunately.
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