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Why do my injector return hoses keep leaking?

The injector return hose going from the front injector to the fuel distribution tree started leaking about 400 miles ago. I had some fuel hose sitting around from the last time this happened (to a different hose), so I simply replaced the hose and washed the diesel off of the engine.

Well, I just filled the fuel tank up today (which may or may not be related, as I do tend to slightly overfill the tank). After driving the car about twenty miles I began smelling diesel again. I stopped under a light in a parking lot and looked under my hood and the exact same hose is leaking again. What could be causing this?

I suppose that there is a chance that the hose I installed was bad, but why would it have held for 350 miles before giving out? Would the fact that I overfilled the tank have something to do with it? Or do I maybe have a problem with that fuel injector? I don't know, but please offer some suggestions. It is quite embarrassing when I am out with a lady or with friends and my shiny black Mercedes starts smelling like diesel.

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