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HeadGasket -- Help&Opinions Requested

Hello fellow MB owners,

I have a 1987 300E vin # WDBEA ... HA541743, and I fear that I need a rebuilt head for it with new head bolts, gaskets, new valves, stems and seals; and a new timing chain. The car came with about 115K on it and now has about 135K -- I believe that the cam was replaced at about 100K, and a valve job was done then as well. (My goal is to restore it to pristine condition for under $20K -- body and interior are perfect; it gets 20 miles to the gallon, drives like a dream, and uses 1 quart of oil every 1200 to 2000 miles, depending).

Unfortuneately for my wallet I believe that I will have to do this head job within one month. I see little specs of oil floating on top of the coolant every day, even though just two weeks ago a by-pass test (a mechanical sensor sniffing the coolant for the presence of oil) came out negative, or within spec's. Could it be that the PTFE (Slick50) that I added to the crank case two weeks ago leaked into the coolant and not the oil?

When I Called Metric Motors (800-622-6867) they told me that they would sell me a rebuilt head completely assembled with new valve stems, guides and valves for my car ($940) , new head bolts ($42), a new head gasket set ($55) and a new timing chain ($32 ) for a grand total of $1,069 plus $30 shipping and handling. There is no core charge but, there is an agreement that if I either fail to return to them my old head or if the head that I do return to them is not able to be rebuilt I will pay them an additional $500.

My mechanic states that he can swap out these items for about 5 to 6 hours of labor charges ($80/hr) $500 to $700. (I do not want to do this job myself outside in the winter). Do you owners or mechanical experts think that this is reasonable? The job will involve removing the old head, cam shaft and lifters, replacing the timing chain and reinstalling the new gaskets and head and refiting same with the old cam and lifters.

Do you guys think that these prices are fair or that this comprehensive head job is a good idea?

You guys are the best,
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