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Originally Posted by winmutt View Post
More importantly, what are you rotating those crops with? Ethanol is a poor solution, just an alternative.

I think algael bio diesel is going to be as close to a Mr Fusion as we will ever see. Maybe instead of composting in the yard you'll be composting in the trunk!
Ethanol can be made from almost anything! Household garbage is providing better answers now than corn, but corn, stalks and all will make a lot of Ethanol. We had Ethanol available back in February 1st. 1917! It does not take a lot to modify a car to run on Ethanol. Changing your carburetors metering jet size to a larger one is all it takes. Today's fuel injected systems just add a longer delivery time to the injection rate! Ethanol burns much cleaner than gasoline and adds longer engine life. Adding 15% gasoline to Ethanol only makes Ethanol unfit for human consumption, not a better fuel. I prefer biodiesel myself as diesel engines are my favourite and I feel as if something is missing if I can't hear that clatter under the bonnet!
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