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Originally Posted by jshadows View Post
Would love to see the NOLA buses running on bioD but trying to start small with some increased awareness. As the Mardi Gras festival is a multi-millionaire dollar organization with huge amounts of investment from the local powers that be, it is a good start.

If Kern Productions is willing to make the jump then I believe others will follow. If you've seen the people who attend the post-parade balls you know that MG brings out some of the biggest and oldest money in city.
Gents, I spent the majority of my adult life working and residing in NOLA (or within an hours drive of the CBD).....I have always been amused by Louisiana politics.....I have also been to a few of those Carnival Balls.....I agree that using bio-diesel in the float tractors would be a big promotional plus.....however Louisiana and the New Orleans metro area do not operate as the rest of the country does.....first you need to create some sort of slush fund for the politicians to dip into as needed.....then you will have to catch those folks who attend the balls and ride on the floats when they are sober enough to realize that you are even using diesel as opposed to gasoline,....from my personal experience those folks who belong to the Krewes are generally pretty loaded when on the float or at the ball, and in all reality could probably care less what pulls the float as long as it moves.....and any thoughts about using bio-fuel in the parade will be put off until next year.....

Don't forget Flambeau fuel........!!!!


Of Note: I attended Thanksgiving dinner in Harvey, LA.....most of my friends have changed, not just grown older, but are still in some sort of delayed PTSD or something......these folks aren't the people who have been making news....they are just the average middle to upper middle class, who took responsibility for themselves and their survival in hand, and evacuated first to Houston and than were re-evacuated to Arkansas, and other places....returned to NOLA, and went about the work of living in the "Big Easy".....most of them will not be attending any of the parades because of the present crime problems......

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