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E220 Sunroof rigging messed up

I have a 1994 E220 with an electric sunroof. I did something really stupid and messed up my sunroof. Can anybody help me?

My antenna jammed and when looking at it I mixed up the antenna motor with the sunroof motor (I know....idiot). There is a white knob on the sunroof motor which I twisted. Obviously it didn't move the antenna which I hoped it would, but my sunroof now has a mind of it's own. It is a tilt and slide roof. It now passes through the closed position without stopping and does all sorts of complicated things which are hard to explain in text.

Basically the problems started when I twisted and pulled and pushed on a knob which I should never have touched. Does anybody know how to rig the sunroof so I am back to square one?
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