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Donna W
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300 TE fluid leaks and stereo

I bought a used '92 300TE w/144k on it approx. 6 wks ago from a used luxury dealer in the city where my folks live. Dad has been a MB owner for the last 20 yrs and both he and his mechanic checked it out. Dad bought his most recent MB from this dealer, they are reputable, the car had all service records, and the most recent owner had it for 7 years and traded it for a new one. Here are my questions:

Windshield wiper fluid leaks out enough to trigger the low sensor w/in 1-2 days of being refilled. Do I need a new reservoir, and how much do they run?

I'm leaking brake fluid--they filled it at the dealer when I bought the car, and after letting it sit for 5 days over Thanksgiving, I had a 4" x 6" puddle on my garage floor. Is this a severe leak, and does it indicate that I need a new blake fluid reservoir?

I also had to fill my coolant up yesterday, so think I am probably leaking there, as well.

Is this normal on this age of MB to experience leaks in all of the reservoirs, or is it more likely some type of gasket issue? I have a good mechanic that will work on it, but I'm looking for some guidance as to what the problems might be and the cost?

Also, how in the heck do you set the presets on the stereo (standard stereo)? I have no book on it, and it's not in the regular owners manual. I managed to set one, I think using the asterisk button, but I was driving as I was doing it, so am not sure which button I pressed in which order.

Glad I found this site!
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