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dan buldini
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Angry C220 Belt Tension Pulley, Replace

Hi Guys,
I'm trying to replace the Belt Tensioning pulley on my 96, C220.
How do I get the darn thing off. First it looks like the radiator has to come out to get the air guide out. Then the fan to get at the pulley. Then the pulley bolt has the strangest head I've ever seen. The head is fluted and tapered, A 10 mm wrench fits but I'm afraid to pull hard for fear of tearing the flutes off.
Got a new pulley from Parts forum and now can't get it on. Also how do I get the Gas Spring bolt out without sending my hand through the hood. There is no spring as is shown in my Haynes book. Is the gas spring a very low force model, that I can hold down with my hand.
Dan Buldini
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