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The windshield washer leak should be simple and inexpensive to repair. I can't tell you the problem - there's no one way in which they all fail. Just get a flashlight and look for a trail of moisture.

The washer tank on my wagon was ~$20 mail order. You'll also need some small rubber grommets to seal the washer pumps and such. They're less than a buck each.

Are you _certain_ it's leaking brake fluid? If so, this is a really scary problem. Do yourself a favor and don't drive the car until this is repaired! The brakes are the most important safety system on the car! You'll need to have a good mechanic look over the brake system to find the leak and replace the offending part(s). Again, it should be easy to locate - at the rate it leaks it should be very obvious where the problem lies. Could be as simple as a brake hose - about $20 parts and an hour labor - or a caliper or master cylinder - those will run a few hundred for parts & labor.

I have no idea how to set the presets on the radio - the first thing I did was yank it out and install a decent CD player.
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