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Originally posted by Dennis_300E
I think the reason Sears has the 17mm is because it's used for the oil pan plug on a VW, and probably millions of others. I've never had a need for any of the other sizes prior to owning an MBZ.

I bought my 14mm as a hex key rather than the hex socket. I bought the long version from a local industrial supply shop for about $7. I used a trick I learned from someone on this board and I cut about 1 1/2" off of the long arm end and stuck it into a 14mm 6 point socket so I could run it with the air ratchet. Cool, a hey key AND a hex socket for 7 bucks!

Can-do, you signature doesn't say where you're from, but for those around Orange County, CA (and I know there are a few), I went to McFadden-Dale Hardware in Anaheim.
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