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123 wheel covers

none are pristine but some are pretty good. none are junk either.

1. set of four from 115 240d california car. very clean with paint not faded. one has minor scratches in painted area. one has abrasions and a dent in the rim but is servicable. one has a minor dent in the tristar area and is abraded on the rim. one is very clean with no abrasions and one is very straight and clean with light abrasions on rim. $50 set.
2. two maple yellow with worn paint but are very straight. $25 for both
3. two china blue good paint, tiny scratches, one straight one not both usable.
4. set of four light metallic gray good but dull paint, 3 good, one rough, all have small scratches. $40 set.
5. one plastic bunt replica cover. $5.
6. i also have some ivory with faded paint. one pretty straight and one bent.
7. the rough ones can be used as organ donors for their clips.

all (except ones listed as rough) would be good for a driver or for a show car to use when you dont want to risk your pristine original wheel covers. or for winter or for a nice car that your kid will be driving. i did not check to be sure all have all four clips. if this is important to you ask me to check before shipping.

tom w
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..I also have a 427 Cobra replica with an aluminum chassis.

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