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The windshield washer should be an easy one. Look for a little pump mounted into the side of the reservoir somewhere. There is a black rubber gasket that goes between the pump and reservoir body. It should either be that gasket or the hose connection to the pump. Look around there real good with a really, really bright light. Either of these are cheap/easy fixes.

I wonder about your brake fluid leak. How do you know it was brake fluid? What color was it? Where was the puddle in relation to the parked car - if it is a leak at a brake cylinder it should be underneath the car on the ground inside the area at that particular tire. If it is the reservoir then you should be able to see it dripping/seeping underneath the brake master cylinder. Unfortunately, if this is where it is leaking from you will see the paint missing. Brake fluid will remove paint!!. Did you see the level in the reservoir get "lower" by any amount? Maybe just a line loose. Worst case if it is leaking underneath the master cylinder and the lines are not leaking then a new master cylinder is in order which is not too bad $$.

Worst case leaking $$ is if the fluid were red or black in appearance and underneath the rear of the engine/front of the transmission area. Tranny seal or rear main seal replacement time - do them both while you are in there. Be REAL particular when changing/adding oil to this car. If you overfill the oil it WILL cause the rear main seal to leak. Last rear main I did took 3 six hour days but it was my first one and I was not in any real big rush.
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