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I haven't timed mine, but I could imagine it might take 3 seconds of cranking. It certainly has never really just "popped off" as soon as you nudge the starter, like some Japanese cars do.

I did have a "no start" problem while under warranty and they adjusted the CAMSHAFT sensor, I believe, but I don't know where it or the crankshaft sensor is.

If you haven't already done so, switch to Mobil 1 with winter coming up. I read a study a while back that showed in diesels, the cold weather cranking RPMs went up considerably with synthetic oil vs. conventional, which (esp. in a diesel) means a quicker start. I know mine cranks noticably faster in really cold weather since I switched over.

The other thought would be to try some Techron or BG 44K and a good old fashioned Italian tune-up.
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