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This guy is freakin nutz

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Bought 1980 300: Now What? - 2007/02/26 10:17 Just got a pretty beat up 1980 300D. Can I get some advice as to what are the things I should replace right away? I usually replace all belts, radiator hoses and fluids when I buy a used auto, is there anything specific that I should look into on this car? It runs and shifts ok, a little bit of smoke when accelerating. Any advice on the best repair manual also. I will be converting it once I am sure it will run consistantly.

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Re:Bought 1980 300: Now What? - 2007/02/27 14:27 You don't want to replace the transmission fluid, that can lead to slips. After giving it a basic tune-up, the best thing you can do, is get it on the freeway, and take a nice long trip. After a few hours, it will run like a new car.

I wonder if his "tune up" includes plugs wires and dist. cap
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