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Originally Posted by g2group View Post
why the negativity towards Lovecraft? they have done great conversions including my car, now yes it would be ideal to have a preheated fuel treatment for the benz's but i have heard of no cars from them that have failed

please provide proof of these claims. from what I know Brian is a great guy, has given me roadside assistance (not SVO/WVO related)

I am a happy Lovecraft customer, please advise why I shouldn't be....
You have alot to learn about these engines. That kit will destroy the engine, it wont be instant but it wont take long either.

In my experiance, it only took 1 year to nearly ruin my engine in the 300SD. I had been one tanking it with a heated filter....similarly setup to your lovecraft. Its coolent heated but instead of being a big filter it was just the stock filter with copper coil wrapped around it.

To make a long story short, engine had lowered compression. Injectors coked causing misfires and rough idling on startup. Which was sorta fixed with new injectors. But the car lost its umph and now is sold.

Your facts for making the lovecraft kit great dont make any sense. Brian being a nice guy has nothing to do with the conversion being correctly built or installed on your car.

Having done great conversions? well i dont see whats so great about it?
The engine starts on cold wvo which makes the IP work harder to push the fuel causing pre-mature wear on the pump. The cold wvo will polymerize the cylinder walls, ip, and injectors, since the cold wvo wont atomize or burn completely causing damage and more wear.

"now yes it would be ideal to have a preheated fuel treatment"

Then why did you go with the kit? if you know that it is best to have the fuel up to temp in order for the engine to burn the oil completely then why did you dish out the cash on this tax evading moron's kit?
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