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[QUOTE=Old300D;1434495]I've done both as well, and I figure to do WVO right it takes as much time as making biodiesel. And switching and purging WVO turned out to be a huge hassle with a 20 mile commute. [QUOTE]

I also have a 20 minute commute, and don't feel at all hassled by switching or purging. Since I follow the same route every day, I know at exactly which point in my drive to switch over, so it's almost an unconscious action. My purge time is only 30 seconds, so I hit purge on my way into the office parking lot, and by the time I arrive at my parking space, I just turn off the car - again, it is automatic, requiring almost no mental or physical effort.

Collecting and filtering the WVO can be messy, true, but the more I do it, and refine my system, the less messy it is. Dealing with my WVO stuff only takes about an hour of my time each week at most. And for this one hour of time, I can get up to 50 gallons of fuel. At current fuel prices, I'm saving over $100 per hour of my time. Not bad!
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