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Old 11-27-2001, 12:15 PM
Neil Eglintine
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I have an 87 190E 2.0 (Euro, obviously). I love the car, though its weight blunts the performance compared with other 2 litre saloons from lesser manufacturers.

I have to disagree with Philip on costs. I have found this one of the cheapest cars to run that I have ever owned, despite its age and 200k miles. I buy non-OEM parts but keep to the service schedule. Non-routine maintenance is cheap and infrequent. I have just had new sills fitted (do you call them rocker panels?). Including fitting and paint that cost me 100 pounds ($150). A new fuel pump self fitted 94 pounds. New brake rotors and pads all round including fitting 100 pounds.

I doubt if I've spent more than 1000 pounds on all maintenance including tyres over the last 30 months and 50k miles.
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