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I bought a 1991 190e 2.6 five speed (real hard to find) about a year and a half ago with 60,000 miles on it and have had very few problems with it, especially compared to the 266,000 Peugeot it replaced. The 190e was introduced just before the 300e, so you could say the 300e is a bigger 190e and it shares many of the same parts, problems and reliabilities. The engine is an inline six thatís the same except for bore. Itís a typical small Mercedes (relative to the option laden SELís.)
5 speed '91 190E 2.6 320,000 mi. (new car, fast, smooth as silk six, couldn't find any more Peugeots)
5 speed '85 Peugeot 505 2.5l Turbo Diesel 266,000 mi. (old car, fast for a diesel, had 2 others)
5 speed '01 Jetta V6 (new wifes car, pretty quick)
5 speed '85 Peugeot 505 2.2l Turbo Gas 197,000 mi. (wifes car, faster, sadly gone just short of 200k )
5 speed '83 Yamaha 750 Maxim 14,000 mi. (fastest)
0 speed 4' x 8' 1800 lb Harbor Freight utility trailer (only as fast as what's pulling it)
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