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Originally Posted by TMAllison View Post
If there is air in the line at teh top of the pre-filter, the leak is at the pre-filter (most common) or preceding it (ie: fuel thermostat in head). I've had to use some silicone grease and also tweak the hold down metal clip to get it sealed again when replacing the pre-filter.
Good tip, thanks. Which direction is the fuel flowing through the pre-filter? Does it enter at the top and exit the bottom?

Originally Posted by TMAllison View Post
The oring you replaced was about ~3cm D x 3mm (~1.25" x 1/8") and was tucked up inside the underside of the old plastic pre-filter right? And, you ordered it separately for the pre-filter?

Originally Posted by TMAllison View Post
Since you are new, the little white horseshoe clips on the fuel lines should all be loose and floppy currently. THey are pushed tightly close (a ringer) to remove the lines. If pushed closed now they could be the source allowing air to enter.
I will take a look at them, thanks.
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