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Michael Bushnell
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Head Gasket time?

My 380 SEC overheated a few weeks ago. I found someone had backed into the front end and pushed the radiator into something down there. There was a small hole and, yes the fluid drained as my teenager was merrily motoring down the interstate. I bought a new radiator and installed it. The car still overheated. I removed the guts from the thermostat to try that while waiting for a mail-order thermostat. It still overheated. Next I checked the compression and changed plugs and wires as it stuttered on starting. The pressure is 145-150 except for the two cylinders near the firewall. They run at 170. It still stutters on startup and heats up slowly to the red line. Is it the gaskets? Do I get the heads resurfaced too if it is gaskets? What do you think? UnkaMike
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