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Michael Bushnell
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Wow, thanks for the quick answer. The water pump crossed my mind. I had a new one installed at 80,000 miles and I now have 160,000. The radiator hole was down at the bottom of the fins just above the plastic base. The fan and declutching unit appear pristine so they probably didnít get involved in the bump and run that ruined the radiator, but then, I donít know what poked the hole in the radiator.
A water pump would be easier than head gaskets. The radiator does not boil over unless the cap is removed when it is hot. I try not to do that. The pressure relief on the cap has not kicked in. Someone suggested rigging a cap with a pressure gauge to see if the radiator was pumping up with pressure. The only indications are high pressure in the compression test on the rear cylinders and the stutter on starting. That miss cleans up after a bit. Heat is detected with the in car temp gauge. UnkaMike
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