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I'm trying to adapt a GM carb on my 500se, the car has idle problems and doesn't start int he cold, I've adjusted it a few times, I got rid of the cold start but now the idle is too high, plus the car has no power, I also need the cold start line that goes to the fuel pressure regulator, they made those on the Euro's because I looked on the 380se and I couldn't find this line, the dealter wants $75 for it, I can do the whole conversion for $100 and it will get rid of all the little problems, I'm just gonna use that plate and weld a base plate for the GM carb...I can use my old one but once I weld it their is no going back, so you know where the part number is located on my fuel distributor or do you have one laying around you can get the part number because this guy I know is selling one needs the # so he can match up the right one

PS-thanks for the reply
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