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Getting the heads off is easy w/o the wierd wrenches. You need an 8mm allen key in sockets and a universal joint. Having the two specialed wrenches is essential for reassembly.

You need the EFI heads. It won't matter if it's a 280se 4.5 or a 450se or a 450sl. Tomguy suggests a set of 3.5 heads as a compression upgrade.

I use Baum tools for my specialized tools, but there are less expensive places to buy them.

Aside from the wrenches, don't forget a 24mm wrench for the bolt on the cam and a gear puller. Also you need the pin extractor for the guide rails.

That or bring a means of cutting the timing chain. One easy technique, if the engine turns, is to look for a master link pin and remove it.

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