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Thanks for all of the replies.

Regarding the auto-leveling and lens cleaning. I recall reading that Acura's and Lexus' HIDs don't have one or the other. I believe this is an European requirement and perhaps not a U.S. DOT standard(?)

I read a post on this board where a member successfully installed ML55 HID lights to his ML430, sans the auto-level and washers. So it is possible.

I would like to change to whole assembly and not just the bulb. Car Nut raised a very good point about blinding the other drivers.

My main concern is the installation of the entire kit. On the W210 with the "new" 2000 front nose design, it looks like I may have to remove the bumper cover to remove the light assembly. I would like to avoid touching the bumper. I'll email HellaUSA and Bekkers.
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