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Originally Posted by tarbe View Post
I have been carefully calculating my mileage now for 5,500 miles. I fill the tank to the brim each time, rocking the car gently at the end to ensure I get all the fuel in that is possible which each fill-up. I also use a GPS to confirm actual mileage.

Over the first 5,000 miles (early December up untill the last fill) I have run dino diesel with either .5 to 1oz power service per gallon (earlier tanks) or .75oz SoyShield per gallon (more recent tanks). My average was 31mpg with a best tank of 32.3.

The first tank of B50/SoyShield has been run: 531 miles/16.74gal = 31.72mpg. Two weeks worth of commuting and running around locally.

Quite honestly, I thought I would lose 1 or 2 mpg running B50. I hope this biodiesel performance continues!

Current tank is closer to B60, and will include the run up to Berry Hill Farm and back. If the boys keep the speed down maybe I will crack 32mpg on BD

Is this B100 you are running or is a blended biodiesel? Also, just curious, how much is the biodiesel, costwise, compared to regular diesel?
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