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M119 timing chain crimp tool

Fellow benz lovers,

I'm getting ready to renew the timing chain on a 1993 400E, it appears to be stretched about 7 degrees after 126K miles.

I pulled out my timing chain crimping tool that I have used several times on OM615, 617 and a 602 Diesel and it would appear that the chain on the M119 is not quite the same dimension as the chains on the diesels. The pins on the M119 chain are about 1mm smaller in diameter than the pins on the Diesel chains.

Since the pins on the gas chain is smaller I'm not sure if I will get a good solid crimp on the master link if I use the tool for the Diesel engines. Has anybody out there done a chain on a M119? Is there a separate thrust piece for the chain crimp tool that is specific to the M119 engines? If so where can I get one?

Maybe I should just use the old "two sledge-hammer" approach for crimping the master link but the crimping tool does a really nice job when it fits correctly.

Thanks - Tim
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