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well, fortunately she shifts alright and I guess all of the lines should be okay since it sat for 3 days... I've heard of that though.Thanks for the input! I'll probably get my main man benzmac to do my timing chain whenever the shop opens or he can fit me into his schedule because she's got 217k miles on her and although it was changed at 135k mi, I'm pretty anal and want to get that done within the next month or two for prevent. maint. Anyway, hopefully, after I change the fuel filter, we'll see what happens.Also, don't forget to follow up with me after they finish with you raymond. I'd appreciate any other suggestions in the meantime about this idle problem.I've been in the office all day and she's been parked in the parking deck all day sitting as she does daily when I drive her into work. I'm interested to see how she's gonna act when I leave here in 30 min. (maybe she's just going thru "changes" and needs me to pay her more attention) We'll see and wish us luck!
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