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Back on the running rich problem

Sorry I did not reply to either of you guys. The information given was helpful. The cold start valve was clean and I tested it. Works just fine. I wanted to get a replacement seal and valve kit for good measure but I could not find one. MB would only sell the complete valve for $800 bucks! All as well for what I have works and does not appear to be leaking.

The thermostat for the injection pump is another story. The pin was stuck (about half way out), once it was freed the pin fell out. I have ordered a new one. I don't really under stand the whole arrangement. The pin has a bulb on the end of it so when the thermostat is heated the pin extends. The bulb prevents the pin from traveling through the tunnel. In the tunnel There is a keeper, which makes me think that the insert in the tunnel also moves, but is now frozen. Is this correct? Or is the pin supposed to travel all the way through?

Thanks for the help,

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