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190E 2.3 vs 2.6 (car for teenager)

I am considering getting my 17-year old daughter a 190E (preferably a 1993 as I understand that the later versions are superior to the earlier years and a Starmark warranty is available on '93s bought from M-B dealers).

In particular, I would appreciate any advice on the 2.3L 4-cylinder vs the 2.6L 6-cylinder motor, and any other observations on the later 190Es generally.

She's currently driving an '88 420SEL (for crash protection reasons) and finds the SEL's size a bit unwieldy. She has been driving safely for a year now and has expressed a preference for the maneuverability of a C230, which she has tried out but I find a bit expensive for what you're getting -- thus my thinking of the 190E.
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