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...I'd agree with your contention that the 1/2 hour fee outlining the protocol for sourcing the motor oil leak is a bit unreasonable

you may wish to review your work order/ estimate ...if in fact it details the 1/2 hour initial labor for estimating the leak sourcing protocol ...and you signed/ OK'd the may be bound to pay this albeit unreasonable fee

you may also wish to discuss your point of view on this matter with your Service Advisor and plead your case for a reimbursement being that it would not take a skilled tech more than a few seconds to opine (however- if you Ok'd the initial estimate for diagnosis/ initial review....fact authorized service may not be obligated to provide any $ reimbursement)

Also, in comes to mind that (in favor of the tech and fact authorized service)...they may have really tried to do a good service / may have spent some time looking for the leak source - - before reccomending engine cleaning.

i.e. removing and installing belly pan, prying here and there, removing air filter housing, etc. ...after all, some leaks may be obvious based upon their experience, fresh oil seeping, oil tracking etc. so, 15 minutes to poke around and 10 minutes to put things back together, and 5 minutes to jot notes into the, the 30 minutes may be reasonable...or not?

good luck and let us know what turns out

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