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For me, I will only buy the best battery on the market that will fit and work in my car.

For me that is an optima spiral cell battery in whichever flavor is right for my car, Red top, Orange top, yellow top, or blue top.

Right now my car has an intersate battery in it, it came with the car, when it dies, a new optima will go in, but mainly because I have seen these batteries work great. My boat sits for several months, and allI have to do is turn the key and it starts every time with the optima. Before I had to rpelace the battery every so often if it would hold a charge.

I love the optima because once the boat or car is running, the battery charges up quickly and is very easy to jump start with minimal effort from the jumping car.

In my MGB I had an 800CCA Battery put in it after the 400CCA one split open on me. I never had troubles starting that car ever.

Every vehicle I have had to replace a battery in got the biggest one that would fit with the most CCA and decent warranty.

My friend's BMW is another story, he tried an aftermarket battery and the car hated it. He had to spend the $150 or $200 the dealership charged for a factory battery, which only lasted him two years before he had to replace it again.

Go with the best battery you can afford that has a good warranty and highest CCA for that warranty.

I am more biased towards optima because I get them at cost from my friend who is a dealer of optima batteries.

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