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Question running rich

Hey guys,

I have 1986 560SL (89000miles) with a running rich problem. HC stays at 500 units and C0 at 9.50. Over the years a lot of things has been replaced like oxygen sensor, fuel injectors,cap,rotor and wires. Overall this car is in very good condition.

My local dealer told me that I need fuel distributor? An expensive part. Is there a way to check this device?

Second problem is that engine has "too sufficient cooling." According to the gauge in the cluster it stays below 80 degrees. Radiator due to age and thermostat has been replaced. NO DIFFERENCE. Today I have removed fan clutch somehow it helps a bit now it is getting borderline 80, but once I start driving or revving the engine the temperature goes down.

At this point this thing is hopeless to me. I would greatly appreciated and input in this matter.

Many thanks in advance
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