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HaYN Benz
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J is right. DC changed the E series fascia in 2000.

While you could replace it and it might fit, the chrome trim on the bumper will not match up with the chrome trim on the bodyside cladding. Before 2000, the chrome sat near the top on the side moulding, in line with the front bumper. In the 2000+, the chrome on the front bumper was repositioned lower, and the side moulding chrome was moved lower as well. Nitpicking perhaps, but if you're concerned about the fascia, I'm sure you'll notice that the chrome strips don't match up even more.

BTW, if you are determined to change your front bumper anyway, check with your local MB dealer or their preferred body shop. Sometimes, AMG modifications/appearance packages are done by the dealer. Since the AMG appearance includes new lower body details such as revised bumpers, they might be a good source to pickup a no-longer-needed-but-cannot-be-sold-as-new front bumper. I know that my BMW dealer has a dealer installed sport package for its M5 and they had a local body shop do the mods. Bumpers everywhere.....
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