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New rear differential...

Hey guys... I was thinking about changing the rear end in my 92 300E from the stock 2.something or the other to a 3.07. My question is, I noticed that several guys had put in rear differentials from fords and chevy's. Can I also do this in my car? Will I have to do any modifying if I put in another differential from an american car? Or do all rear differentials come in standard 4-bolt patterns that any competent mechanic can easily swap in with minimal labor? I wan't to do this for A.)Better acceleration and b.)limited-slip so I don't wind up upside down in a ditch... which I almost did the other day... I did a 180 while going 10 mph... it was just about the most ludicrous thing I have ever done in my life.... I just kinda sat there.... watching the world turn around in slow motion...and when it was over... I said.."Wow... that was really really dumb." It was more comical than anything else...
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