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Irregardless of grammatical errors, I appreciate the vast store house of knowledge you're sharing with us less experienced "shade-tree-ers" (is that grammatically correct?). I have found that mechanicing and good grammar (at times even moral grammar--not that I resort to profanity, but it sure is a temptation at times) are not compatible. Besides, us Sumner people have to stand up for each other--nobody else will! (Our town is also affectionately known by locals as "Scumner" & "Slumner"!)

On the lighting issue--I can't imagine spending a grand on headlights! However I did once mount a set of aircraft landing lights in the front bumper of my '68 Beetle. You could see a mile, literally, with those things. They set me back less than 50 bucks for the whole kit. Only thing is they're for "off road use only"

Have a good day guys.
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