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Was that pretty inexpensive or mint? My baby ran like crap when I left work yesterday and since she still had like half a tank left, I decided to try something...I ran her like hell on the highway (leadfoot) to get it to use up the gas (luckily I had company in the car while we went all over atlanta) Anyway, got her all the way to damn near empty and filled her up with another gas station's 93 octane (I usually use the same one) and again,hit the highway to head back to my side of town and while doing 80-90mph, the car had some sort of "kick" I could feel (I can't explain it but maybe someone will understand for some reason) and started running smoother. I thought that just maybe it was something in the gas or whatever happened to it while it sat for 3 days (and on an incline in the rain).Who knows, but after that it ran smoothly and also this morning,she started right up and the hesitation I expected wasn't there I hope I'm not jinxing myself by still assuming that "it" will come back but I still plan on changing the filters,etc and will probably do the injectors and the whole works anyway.I guess sometimes MB's need a little "laxative" to relieve the "stuff" that holds back performance.Thanks (and I still wouldn't mind some input about what other preventive stuff I can do to keep a smooth idle)
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