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looking for a commuter...1982-1985 300d

Am I crazy? We're getting rid of my wife's car and will only have my 1994 C280 with 123k miles. The "new" car will be my commuter and she will drive the C280.

Before I bought the C280 four years ago, I was looking at the 300d's, but was leary about the mileage, maint, etc.

Now, I'm looking again and have found a few 1983 model 300d's priced from the low $2k to low $3k and what appears to be a nice 1982 300SD. All have mileage from 125k to 163k.

Much diff bewteen 300d and 300sd besides body and trim options?

Is the ride much better in the 300sd?

Anything special to look for as far as problems or stuff that should have been fixed by now?

All these cars are for sell by private sellers and are within about an hour of here, so I'm planning on hitting all of them in one day if possible.

I guess I could just buy an old Honda or Toyota, but I would feel safer in an MB and I kinda like the older style and the dependability of the diesels and their gas mileage.

Thanks a bunch!
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