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Originally Posted by 123euroowner View Post
Im still somewhat of a noob wiht my Benz. I was considering running SVO to reduce fuel costs. I have a few questions-
1) Can SVO be blended into diesel right in the cars tank or should I add a second tank?
2) If I pour it in the tank, should I get a fuel heater?
3) What are the best ratio's of SVO to Diesel for different climates?
4) In warm climates, can it be run off SVO without problems?
5) How can I prep for the SVO?
6) Whats the reason for adding regular unleaded gas (RUG) to the SVO mix?
Someone please explain this to me, Im lost
i have nog run SVO in my car but this is waht i can gather numbered to your questions.
1) the preferred method is a 2 tank heated system. this gets the SVO down to a viscocity close to diesel.
2) refer to number 1. another thing is i hear that SVO makes wax fall out of diesel, which inturn clogs things up.
4)If the SVO is properly warmed up yes.
5)huh? prep what?
6) add rug to the SVO to lower the gelling temperature and to thin out the oil.
7) i know you don't have a 7 but do some searches with the search funtion.

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