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Originally Posted by 123euroowner View Post
Im still somewhat of a noob wiht my Benz. I was considering running SVO to reduce fuel costs. I have a few questions-

1) Can SVO be blended into diesel right in the cars tank or should I add a second tank?

2) If I pour it in the tank, should I get a fuel heater?

3) What are the best ratio's of SVO to Diesel for different climates?

4) In warm climates, can it be run off SVO without problems?

5) How can I prep for the SVO?

6) Whats the reason for adding regular unleaded gas (RUG) to the SVO mix?

Someone please explain this to me, Im lost

1)YES/if you want to run 100% SVO

2)Only if you run a 2nd tank and want to run 100% SVO

3)I live in Western PA. I run a 50/50 mix of filtered WVO/diesel in the summer. In southern states you could probably run 50/50 year around.

4)With or without a heated 2nd tank?

5)It should be dewaterd and filtered well.

6)Good question. I am not a chemist but I think it thins out the WVO among other things.

I have an '85 300SD and in the summer I run upto 50/50 mix, WVO/Diesel fuel. I filter my oil through a pillowcase (go ahead laugh) and it is ready to run. I do not try to dewater and the oil is in cubes and straight out of the vat.
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