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Idle surge on '93 300(2.8), fault codes?

I need some help to solve this problem. My recently acquired '93 300E(2.8) with 110K miles developed an intermittent idle surge problem. Idle fluctuates between 400 rpm and 1500 rpm. It also has an intermittent cold starting problem, which may or may not be related. Once or twice a week it would not start unless I touch the accelerator before cranking. Then it starts and runs just fine.
I did a search on fault code retrievals, made my little code reader light, however the Diagnostic Module is different on this car. It is rectangular unit with 16 holes but only hole 1, 6, 7, 8, 10, 14 and 16 has connectors in them.
I am guessing 1 is ground. Can anyone tell me where should I plug the other lead from the diagnostic light to retrieve the fault codes? If it turns out to be the MAF is there a way to repair it (since Partshop sells remanufactured units)?
The surge problem only occurs once the car is fully warmed up, in park, neutral or in drive as well. Smoothens out after driving the vehicle or pressing on the accelerator.
Any help is greatly appreciated. I do have the chart for the fault codes.

Btw. if anyone has an MB paperback manual for the 104 engine as well as an Electronic Troubleshooting manual for the 124 chassis, '92 AND UP I wil be glad to purchase them .


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