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Confused Transmission - '73 280C

I posted this on the Vintage Forum, but no responses

Now that I have my 280C running dependably, one of the problems that I need to tackle is the behavior of the transmission.

My understanding of this transmission is that it in "D" the car should start in 2nd unless you put the pedal to the metal. What is happening is that from a standing start in "D" with anything more than the most gentle pressure on the throttle, the trans shifts to 1st and then quickly shifts to 2nd. The shifts to 3rd and 4th seem premature.

In "S" the car starts in 1st and shifts more or less normally into 2nd and 3rd.

I am completely without documentation on the transmission. Is there an adjustment that I can try to alleviate this problem or am I better off having a shop deal with it?


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