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Red face General Info, General Thanks!

It's me again from Nigeria, and my Beautiful, Silver 230 E. The Mercedes Importer from Lagos sent his best man to sort out my engine/stalling/chugging/backfiring problems.... Well he is gone now and so "KNOCK ON WOOD" it seems are all my engine problems. What had happened with my car was that we could never rule out or verify what was actually causing the problems.

I stated, I replaced (new factory parts) the Fuel Pump, filter and the relay, still had problems............ I now know that what was put on the car was cleaned up, polished up, boxed up used parts that were in worse working order then the ones they took off!!

Here in Africa we have that certain element, I am glad that this lesson only cost me $180.00 dollars US.

Anyway with Factory Fitted Warranty Parts (For Free) the car has been awesome......... Even in the worst traffic....

We still worry about the car, especially when dead-locked in bumper to bumper traffic, but it hasn't let us down since being fixed.

I want to thank everyone, for their help!!!!

Capt. Joseph P. McGlynn
Bristow International
Beautiful Car!
Wish It Ran Beautiful!
Help Please!
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