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Unhappy Reimbursement from MB?

Yesterday was a very sad day, my mother's '87 420SEL w/135,000 miles had its timing chain rail snapped shortly after it started (now the car does not start at all). I wish I had found this forum earlier, then this whole thing could have been avoided. Now, I'm getting really angry because the car has been serviced & maintained by the local MB dealer (Competition Imports in Smithtown, NY) since new, they had never once mentioned that the TC rail should be replaced at around 100k. Even after I telephoned the service adviser yesterday inquired on any "preventive maintenance" that could have been done, he simply stated that there wasn't anything to do excepted sometimes it just breaks!!! Obviously, it must just be my bad luck! Now, I have gone back & looked over the entire MB maintenance booklet, there was no mention of the TC or TC rail replacement interval.

I've kept all of the service records since new, the car is flawlessly maintained according to the dealer's & MB's service booklet. Judging by what I've read in this forum, so many people have suffered from this cheapo plastic TC rail, it looks to me like a common problem. Does anyone think I have a chance to get any type of reimbursement from MB or should I even bother to go through Better Business Bureau? And also, does anyone has any recommendation on what to do about this car now, I think the car is only worth 6 or 7 thousand dollars, but this repair could easily cost almost that much...

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