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Unhappy Uneven Compression 16V

I have a 1986 190E 2.3-16V with 156,000 miles. It has been well maintained and a very reliable daily driver. It started having a vibration at idle and certain RPMs. I replaced the engine and transmission mounts and they helped the problem a little bit. I did a dry compression check (engine warm) and the results were as follows: 1-125psi/2-150psi/3-145psi/4-150psi. Wet compression results are as follows: 1-150psi/2-160psi/3-174psi/4-160psi. It looks like the #1 cylinder is worn. Is it time for a rebuild? BTW the MB repair manual states the oil pan may be removed without pulling the engine. Does this mean I can replace the rings without pulling the engine? Any advice would be appreciated.

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