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Follow up: Guess I was just on at the right time (which is darn near all the time I'm near a computer.... ) Anyway, here's something that worked well for me. My washer motors had been bad for about a year, and when I finally replaced them, the spray nozzles were corroded over, and spray was weak and off-aim. To both clean them and adjust them, I used a kit made by Wyco, available at any welding supply shop or the like. The kit comes with many (20 or more) various thickness ribbed pins that are used for cleaning oxy-acetylene welding tips. The work GREAT for washer nozzles for cleaning and aiming. Now, my nozzles are like water cannons!!!!!

jbaj007: BTW, how does one become a "senior member?" Also, how proficient are you with electrical problems. I have two and am baffled. I am a mech engineer, engines are my thing, but "juice" confuses me to death!!

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