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Shift Indicator

Hi John, I have a 85 500 SEL in restoration stage and just dealt with what you are doing or trying. The shift indicator is like a bridge of sorts. When you remove the shift lever, the base nut that holds the lever into. It is spring loaded and will pull to the left. Heres the hard part. If you can't get it from the previous. you may have to remove the center console. Because the air tubes that feed the rear passengers covers the four retaining bolts to remove the shift indicator. Here is what it takes to remove the console, first patients....on the side of console carpeting proximity by your ankles there is one screw on each side. Then remove the carpeting in the tray and then remove that screw. Remove the air control knob on the rear air vent, then lift the rear of the console a little to get your fingers up and under the vent ,there two taps, push those and the grill will pop out. Then unscrew the two screws that retain the mechanism this will free up the rear of the console. Now pull the carpet sides out pulling forward and down ( EASY DOES IT ) there are three taps one up at the top of the console ,second at the mid point and the third at the back. They slip into collars behind the cover. Remove the two screws at the shift indicator. At this point you may need to loosen the two screws at the top of console. Then you should be able to remove the air duct tube. Then unbolt the retaining bolts for the indicator. Now as the say in the manuals to reassemble do the above in reverse order. Good Luck let me know if you need any more help, Regards Scott
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