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Thanks guy. I'm located in Suffolk County, Long Island, New York. I don't know any good Independent shop around, I don't know if looking through the yellow pages at this point is such a good idea?

Yeah, I guess it's just as well, since we found out it needs valve seals last month, was planning to sell it next month, so much for that plan. I see that this place is selling rebuild cylinder head with a valve job, new valve guides & seals for $895. What should I be expected to pay for the timing chain repairs & valve job?

Sorry to hear that MB is not going to defer the cost of repair, I kind of expected they wouldn't, but my belief is that I don't expect any company to sell me a car that will never break but in this case the factory & the dealer should be well aware of this problem, and should make the recommendation to their customers for TC rail replacement instead of wait for them to fail to cause major damage so they can make more money off you. I just thank God this didn't happen while my mother was driving down the highway... It's just unethical in my view.
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